Lis Allure Beauty is a one stop shop, salon, and academy specializing in extension services and products related to Lashes, Hair, and Nails. We currently offer lash extension and lash lift and tint services, lash extension training, and sell premium supplies to technicians of all levels of expertise. We supply and install tape in, fusion, and microweft hair extensions, using the highest quality hair in the market. Additionally, we provide gel nail extensions using a new and advanced system that cuts down the time of a regular nail service and lasts up to three weeks. We have a thorough background of the beauty industry and health and safety, having attended cosmetology and hairdressing school, as well as having taken over 10 courses across North America by the greatest and most accredited technicians.


  • I have gotten away with everyone believing that my hair is actually 24” after booking hair extensions with you

    Victoria – Tape In Hair Extensions
  • My hair felt so full after my appointment, and you couldn’t even tell I had extensions in because your placement is amazing. And to top it off you’re the sweetest and most outgoing girl.

    Gaby – Tape In Hair Extensions
  • You gave me a seamless and perfect install! The colour of the extensions matched my natural hair colour perfectly, and the quality of the hair blew me away! It’s thick from top to bottom and doesn’t shed or tangle.

    Amanda – Fusion Hair Extensions
  • I love the way you do your volumes! So long and fluffy!

    Noelle – Mega Volume Lashes
  • You’re the best lash tech I’ve been to, my lashes are always full and popping, they honestly last so long.

    Gaby – Volume Lashes
  • My lashes have had the best retention since I’ve started coming to you, and I’m so impressed with how versatile your styling is. When I request a new look, I get exactly what I ask for.

    Chloe – Hybrid Lashes
  • I can tell that you put a lot of time and dedication into what you do. The course content was clear, detailed, and easy to follow. A few of my friends took lash courses elsewhere and complained they did not gain enough knowledge or skills to pursue lashing as a career. I feel the complete opposite way, thanks to your hard work and help!

    Karen – Classic Lash Extension Course
  • Not only was your training great and professional, but it was insanely motivational! You advanced my skills and gave me an opportunity to offer more variety to my clients, as well as gave me a new perspective on the business side of the field which has never been mentioned in other courses I have taken in the past. I learned how to become a better business woman and a better lash technician. As I was practicing you also gave me your secrets to attracting prosperity and a healthy mindset, that was the best part of the course.

    Sara – Volume X Mega Volume Extension Course
  • I took your Classic X Volume Course and couldn’t believe just how much I was given for such a good price! A super full kit and a manual with all the information needed to cover two courses in one! This course gave me the confidence I needed to start up my own business.

    Julia – Classic X Volume Extension Course