Beaded Bra Straps


Deluxe Handmade Beaded Bra Straps created from high quality Miyuki glass beads, the perfect fashion accessory for both everyday wear and special occasions. Beaded Bra Straps fit most but not all. Ideal for A and B cups. Strapless bras offer support with no straps so these beaded bra straps replace the appearance of your average bra with glamour. Measuring from one clip end to the other clip end is approximately 13 inches long. The strap which has an elastic cord will stretch to 17 inches. Strap attaches to the loop of a strapless bra or detachable strap bra.

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Ruby, Blush, Pink, Pink Panther, Coral, Sapphire, Blue, Aqua, Peacock, Green, Purple, Black, Black with Crystal, Crystal, Crystal Rainbow, Silver Crystal, Crystal Sparkle, Pearl


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