The most natural set of lashes, with one lash fibre per individual lash. The best choice for those with a large number of their own lashes.
Full Set $110 / Refill $55


A combination of classics and volumes, dispersed in an even ratio for increased drama.
Full Set $120 / Refill $65


Dolly dramatic lashes, with 5-10 lash fibers per individual lash to achieve fullness.

Full Set $140 / Refill $75

Mega Volumes

Super long and dramatic lashes, with 10-15 lash fibers per individual lash for maximum denseness and less air in between each fiber.
Full Set $160 / Refill $85

Extreme Mega Volumes

An amplified and ultimate version of the mega volume set, with two fans per lash, in the longest lengths available.
Full Set $180 / Refill $95


A safe removal of your extensions, followed by a lash bath and serum to nourish your lashes.

Lash Lift and Tint

Adds curl and dimension to your own natural lashes to accomplish a semi-permanent alternative to mascara and a lash curler. Lasts 6-8 weeks.
$75 / Lift Only $65

Train With Us

Our company offers lash training courses from beginner to advanced levels, certifying you to enter one of the most thriving careers in the beauty industry! Pricing and Course Information is located under training.

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It all depends on how well you follow our aftercare instructions, as well as your natural growth cycle (some lashes shed quicker than others), and seasonal factors (*Seasonal Shed). Generally, the rule for lighter sets such as Classics and Hybrids is every 2-3 weeks, and 3-4 weeks for denser sets such as Volumes and Mega Volumes. Please note that a refill can only be done if you have 40 percent of your lashes or more remaining. Anything less is considered a full set.
Temperature plays a role in the retention (hold) of your lash set. Therefore, it is wise to consider booking refills more frequently in the heavy winter months, and times and places with greater humidity during the warmer seasons. In the cold, humidity levels are lower, thus drying out the hair follicles on your body, and of course including your lashes! This causes your lashes to weaken and fall faster. As we perspire in the heat, the oil sebaceous glands (oil glands) on our eyes clog faster, breaking the bond of the adhesive that allows for the extensions to adhere to your natural lashes much sooner.
Full Set Lash Extension appointments may take between 1.5-2 hours on average, while Refills take about 1 hour. A Lash Lift and Tint takes a maximum of 1 hour.
Not at all! All myths debunked. As professionals, our priority is to offer you the healthiest and safest lash application possible. Lashes are completely customizable, and we will always take factors such as your natural lash length, width, coarseness, and desired style into consideration when mapping out your own unique set! Additionally, our techniques, placement patterns and isolation will ensure you maintain normal growth at all times.

Please read Maintenance and Tips for all the details you need to know!

Unfortunately, overexposure to the main ingredient of lash adhesives, referred to as Cyanoacrylate, can raise your sensitivity levels to a dangerous degree if you already have pre-existing allergies to it. Eyelid Inflammation can worsen with every appointment, leading to long term side effects such as Blepharitis (permanent eyelid inflammation accompanied with recurring demodex mites breeding on your lash line). It is advised not to proceed with receiving future extension services. You can opt for completely harmless falsies as a solution instead to upkeep a form of lashes.

PLEASE NOTE: Lis Allure Beauty offers complimentary Patch Tests in the event that you are unsure if you are allergic to a product used in the application. Please select Patch Test under Bookings to set up an appointment or request more details.